I think it is appropriate to briefly explain the aim of this blog.  The primary purpose is apologetic, in a sense.  It will detail vignettes from the philosophy of science, anecdotes from the Doctors of the Church, and provide defense for the Catholic faith.  The topics covered will be diverse, certainly.  But the overarching purpose is clear: to prove the existence of a Creator, and to defend the doctrine of the Catholic Church.  I dedicate this blog to Mary, Immaculate Seat of Wisdom, and the Holy Father, Pope Benedict XVI.

Raison d’Être is more than an appropriate phrase explaining the purpose of this blog, it speaks to a deeper sense of my own concept of self-purpose.  In other words, this exact activity–thinking about ethics and the Creation–is what makes me sublimely happy.  It is, perhaps, the ultimate reason for my conversion to Catholicism.  I hope you will derive a similar pleasure from thinking about these questions.  Many posts may raise more questions than they answer.  As the author, I will often provide my own opinion on the matter.  I will do my best to keep that opinion consistent with the teachings of the Catholic Church.  As always, I encourage you to read critically.  The forthcoming posts are designed to instigate thought; they are hardly definitive, dispositive answers to the questions I address.  If you ever need clarification, please make a comment asking for such, and I’ll gladly provide further explanation.

I’m so glad you are here.  Let’s get to it, shall we?